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Hypnosis to Help Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker you know doubt have heard of the use of hypnotherapy to help quit smoking but it might seem a bit trippy too. Quitting smoking is hard you know doubt know that if you are a smoker, because all smokers have tried at some time to quit. It’s more difficult than a non-smoker could know. So the first couple of hours were ok but then cravings come in the back of your mind, your little your nicotine demon trying to persuade your brain to reach for your little brown and white chums.
I wish sick of this cycle and decided a change was in or order. I tried many different methods before I finally was met with the option to use hypnosis to help quit smoking. Hypnosis was a game at carnivals that tricked people into doing ridiculous things. Quack like a duck and so on. But I decided to give it a go…for science! And the ten dollars a day I was spending on my pack and a half.

I found a guy in my area that was a hypnotist / chiropractor and booked a session for $50, steep but he assured me that he had true skill in using hypnosis to help people quit smoking. The room was quit and dark and my hypnotist made me lie down. I laid there while he took me through some relaxation techniques that nearly put me to sleep. After that things seemed to get kind of odd.

I had a cloudy mind and was close to falling completely asleep. That’s when he started making his sub-conscious suggestions. “You don’t need a cigarette”, “Your finding it easier and easier to quit”, he spoke slowly, That kind of stuff.

It has been a couple of weeks now and am I smoke free? Well, not quite. I did light up twice. It is strange, however, because it definitely is easier for me to say no than before. I don’t know if its my subconscious or just the experience of a man whispering slowly into my ear in a dark room, but it does help with those split second “I NEED a cigarette!’ cravings.

In conclusion, will using hypnosis help to quit smoking? I think so, but I would not only use this method alone. In combination with other methods it seems to have boosted my willpower. I already scheduled my second appointment.