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Hypnosis and Weight Loss

I just read a very interesting story about a woman who utilized hypnosis to lose weight. She lost about 46 pounds and said that the weight was just falling off.
Is it really possible to lose weight via hypnosis? There appears to be abundant stories of those who have lost weight with the help of a hypnotist or via self-hypnosis.

In the case above this woman said she had been given suggestions to only eat enough food to maintain a normal body weight. She was also given suggestions to only eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

She reported that she didn’t want to drink soft drinks afterwards and that she began drinking plenty of water. She doesn’t want fried foods anymore and even turned down pizza when her son brought it home.

To maintain the positive effects of the hypnosis she was taught to do self-hypnosis so that she could maintain what she had achieved. In the beginning she did hypnosis every day, but after a while it just became an as ‘needed’ activity.

There was a study done on weight loss using behavioral modification techniques. There were two groups in the study. One group utilized hypnosis in addition to the therapy and the other group did not.

The initial results were that both groups had significant weight loss achievements. There was a follow up at 8 months and then again at two years. The hypnosis group had achieved additional weight loss. The other group did not achieve any further significant results.

In another study of 60 females, hypnosis was found to be more effective. The hypnotized group averaged 17 pounds of weight loss versus a .5 pound change for those who didn’t utilize hypnosis. That is a very interesting result.

Another woman describes her inability to overcome a sugar addiction. She found that not only did hypnosis help her stop eating a quart of ice cream per day, it also made her more confident and positive about her future. She created a five year plan for herself which she never had before.

Hypnosis has been acknowledged by the American Medical Association since 1958. People have used it to quit smoking, remove mental blocks to their success, lose weight and relax.

I enjoyed reading another story about a woman who was at 223 pounds, she used hypnosis CDs to help her lose weight. This allowed her to stick to her eating plan. And she consequently lost weight, 35 pounds of it.

This brings up a good point. Hypnosis can’t change the laws of our world. If you take in more calories than you expend you will most likely gain weight. Apparently what hypnosis has done for people is helped them to stick to a plan, a behavior modification or just eating healthier.

The hypnosis itself did not cause them to lose weight but the effect on their minds gave them the ability to exhibit weight loss behaviors.

I was so enchanted by the writing of this article that I failed to pay attention to the food on the stove and it burned! How is that for being hypnotized?

What do you think? If everything else has failed, why not give yourself a mental boost? Then armed with the knowledge of how you can actually lose weight along with the ability to stick to the plan, you just might find yourself achieving your weight loss goals!

Keep an eye out below for a link to a free weight loss guide that has nothing to do with hypnosis!